Pendant FAQ & Availability

Pendant FAQ & Availability


Pendants are made individually via direct casting or lost wax processes; they are truly and literally hand made. I post photos of upcoming pendants and send out newsletters with the time/date via my mailing list. You can sign up for it here.

Pendant listings can be previewed until 30-60 minutes before they’re scheduled to go live. If the shop is empty don’t panic! The pendants will reappear at the scheduled time; it’s a quirk of the e-commerce platform.

Please note I cannot ship to Germany; I am still making heads & tails of their new postal regulations. I’m very sorry! You may use a proxy address such as a friend outside the country.

- When are pendants released?

Pendants are released as soon as I can finish a batch but the date varies due to the nature of my work. Releases are affected dominantly by R&D behind the scenes, mold wear-and-tear, and the at-times finicky nature of metal casting. You can expect about 4 weeks between releases as of September 28th 2019.

- I don’t see a combination of metal type/animals/gemstones/finish I want. Will you make _____?

All in all it’s random what will end up for sale but I do tend to make more of what’s popular. That said I am working out a system for limited custom slots each month; keep an eye on my social media for this development.

- Will you reserve ______ pendant for me?

I cannot reserve pendants; this would be unfair.

You CAN get early access to a pendant release by sponsoring my work on Patreon at the $10 tier; Patreon sponsorships bill at the time of donation and on the 1st of the month for each month after that. $10 patrons have their own private passworded storefront.

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