Big Cat Low Poly Mask Pattern

Big Cat Low Poly Mask Pattern


There is now a public Telegram group for sharing your project with other Paleo Panthera mask-makers and getting help on trouble spots.

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Resources for Tools and Supplies

This is a mask pattern for a low-polygon big cat; you will be receiving a digital download that includes a printable PDF with instructions, a map of the pieces, and all of the original pieces at-size for you to cut out. It’s the ultimate in DIY! This is a moderately difficult pattern that includes folded pieces and cut-out pieces.

These masks fit very closely to the head and face so if you’re used to a roomier costume try the pattern out in cardstock to get an idea of which size you need or if you need to enlarge the pattern further.

Simple instructions/pattern for paw gloves are now included. They require glue, cardboard, paint, and costume opera gloves.

This mask is about 7.5-8” wide across the back opening when complete; you may need to shrink the pattern pages if you’re on the small side and instructions are included.

You will at bare minimum need cardboard, elastic, hot glue or contact cement, and acrylic paint to complete this mask. Also works with EVA foam. I typically use about two 12”x24” sheets of cardboard for the whole project including any off-pattern customizing.

If you send me pictures of your creations I’ll upload them here for others to see how creative these masks can be!

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