Deer Bone Mandala Wall Tapestries

Deer Bone Mandala Wall Tapestries

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These tapestries are made on-demand by a 3rd party printer; they make take up to two weeks (10 business days) to ship to your door. This is entirely dependent on my printer’s work load; the moment I have it in my hands to inspect it goes right out again to you!

These wall tapestries come in two different sizes: 51”x60” and 88”x104”. They are 100% polyester and machine washable on gentle cycles; tumble dry on low or line dry. They’re quite soft and look lovely spread out on a bed as well as hung on the wall.

Tapestries can be hung with push pins or 3M velcro strips.

Art information:
A mandala arrangement of bones featuring Megalceros giant deer and their modern relative the fallow deer. 

Art Type & Size:
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