Terms of Service

-The Beginning- 

  • A commission is not officially in effect until payment. If we agree upon 2 weeks to complete a painting but a client takes an entire week to pay me then it will still take 2 weeks to finish.
  • If you need a commission by a specific date please make note in the form to the right. I do my best to work within deadlines, but I must know a deadline is needed prior to starting work.
  • If you claim a slot during limited-availability events and do not respond in some fashion within 48 hours I will offer your slot to the next person waiting.

-Payment and refunds-

  • I require payment before any work begins; if you have concerns I can provide references from past clients.
  • Work under $100 must be paid in full before work begins; commissions and items above $100 may negotiate for a 50% deposit/50% upon completion plan.
  • Clients are responsible for the cost of shipping physical items such as prints. This will be discussed prior to buying postage.
  • A refund may be requested at any point within the commission process. However the amount refunded will correspond to the amount of work not completed; If half the work is finished then you will receive a 50% refund and the artwork regardless of its progress.
  • Funds are kept on hand until the work is complete.
  • Any work that remains unpaid for is considered abandoned and I retain the rights to complete and sell the orphaned artwork.
  • If I the artist must cancel a commission you will receive a full refund regardless of circumstances.
  • *Refunds do NOT include delays in US based shipping of physical items sent on a expedited time frame. I can only pay for faster shipping, I can’t control what happens with the Postal System.

-Making changes-

  • For small commissions such as icons clients have the opportunity to make changes when they are shown a proof copy.
  • For large commissions clients will be provided with at least one sketch for their approval; this is the time and place to make changes such as physique, pose, character model details, etc. Three such sketch phase changes may be made; any further redrawings will require a $20 sketch fee.
  • I am able to shift a great deal of color, but anything beyond an hour's worth of work may incur an additional work charge of $20.


  • Generally commissions are worked on from the first requested to the last; however if a client goes radio silent I may bump them down in order to fill that time for the next client.
  • I am easily reachable via PaleoPanthera@gmail.com & Palaeosinensis@gmail.com; please allow 48 hours for a response although responses are typically much faster.
  • Please do not contact me via comments on social media to ask about your commission; this is kind of like talking about a business transaction in someone's front yard since it is public. Twitter DMs are the only other place I will answer business messages.
  • If you feel your emails are not reaching me, please send a tweet to @PaleoPanthera and we'll get things straightened out.
  • If I am going to be gone in the wilderness and taking work with me (Such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park) I will tell you beforehand. Don't panic; I'm only in the woods!

-Rights of use-

  • The client retains all rights to characters of their own creation used within the commissioned work. Clients are free to repost the work they've purchased respectfully and with the watermark intact.
  • Commissioned artwork may only be cropped, edited, or otherwise altered for the following items:
  • Icons for use on online sites/galleries or services like AIM or Steam.
  • Small banners or signature art for personal or social, such as online art gallery sites or forums.
  • I retain the right to request removal of artwork edited in ways that do not abide by this.
  • Clients may request a watermark be added to any commissioned art to include any relevant details about characters or ideas involved before I post it online.
  • Commercial reproduction rights to commissioned artwork is not allowed in any form unless discussed prior. This includes but is not limited to: Artwork prints, book covers, game books, CD covers. Art may not be used in any way that directly provided profit to the client. I am open to discussion of selling the reproduction rights to art to the commissioner either before a commission start, or after it’s completed.
  • I retain the right to repost any commissioned artwork here on my personal web site, along with other online art archives.  I also retain the right to reuse art as part of a personal portfolio, or as examples for future commissions.
  • Prints are not made of a commissioned work unless specifically included in the commission type OR if a print is negotiated for.

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