Where is the Telegram group for putting together Paleo Panthera masks?

The link to the Telegram group is t.me/paleopantheramasks.

Where do you ship? Where do you not ship?

Paleo Panthera ships to most countries worldwide with a few exceptions; we are unable to ship to Germany or Mexico at this time. Some countries may not be available for shipping depending on order volume or new regulations. If an order is placed with us that we cannot ship to we will do our best to contact the buyer to ask if they’d like to use a proxy address (such as a friend in a country we do ship to). If we cannot reach the buyer we will simply cancel and refund the order in its entirety.

I have a problem with my order, what should I do?

Please write to PaleoPanthera@gmail.com with your order number from the email you used during checkout; I’ll help with whatever ails you!

Size Charts for Jewelry

Women's necklace chart.

Women's necklace chart.

Men's necklace chart.

Men's necklace chart.

Do you make sterling silver jewelry?

I do cast precious metal versions of my jewelry designs on request! This involves making a wax cast that is then sent off to a casting company for lost wax casting. If you're serious about wanting sterling or gold versions go to my contact page and send me a message. The price largely depends on the market price of precious metals at the time the piece is cast.

Do you make Custom Jewelry?

Yes! I charge a flat $100 base fee that covers mold making, casting, and finishing plus $30 an hour for designing and carving a model. Generally speaking 2D designs are on the lower end of the price scale while full 3D or moving parts are on the upper end.

If you want a customized pendant (Choosing a pre-existing design and selecting the finish & gemstones you want) then keep an eye out for my monthly auctions. Want to know exactly when the next auction is coming? Sign up for my newsletter here.

How long have you been making art?

I have been pewter casting for about 3 years, taxidermy and museum work for about 10 years, and studio art for over 15 years. 

Can I commission you for custom artwork?

I open for digital commissions on a very limited basis and use Paypal invoicing when I do. Generally I make announcements for open slots on my Twitter page found here (A Twitter account is required to respond)—> @PaleoPanthera

What is Britannia pewter?

Britannia pewter is a jewelry grade pewter alloy that is visually very similar to sterling silver with a cooler tone. It contains 92% tin, 2% copper, and 6% antimony. It does NOT contain lead, nickel, cadmium,  or any other toxic metals.

I’m allergic to cheaper metal; can I wear pewter?

If you can wear sterling silver odds are you can wear pewter; most people are allergic to nickle (which my pewter has none) and copper. Sterling silver is  92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other metals. My Britannia pewter at 2% copper actually has a lower copper amount than most silver jewelry! In the unlikely event you find yourself reacting to my pewter please contact me for a full refund; you shouldn’t be stuck with something you can’t wear and I can easily recycle the metal.

What are your findings made of?

My findings are made of 316L stainless steel; the same as found in body jewelry.  

Can I get different findings?

If you need unique findings just send me an email or use the contact form at the top. I can find out what you need exactly and buy those findings. For example I can buy a set of sterling silver findings if you’re allergic to 316L stainless steel or get magnetic clasps if you have limited strength or dexterity in your hands.

How do I take care of my pewter Jewelry?

On the whole pewter is very durable; you can wear it in the shower or the pool as it is highly corrosion resistant. To preserve its shiny finish wash only with soap and water and dry with a soft cloth; just like silver it will take on a satin texture if banged around hard or gritty surfaces. Avoid water exposure with the leather and cotton cords; rain won't hurt them but daily water submersion isn't good for them. You don't have to do much with the stainless steel chains; just be sure to rinse them off after you've worn them in a pool or the ocean. I seldom take my own jewelry off.

What is your return policy?

Jewelry from regular runs may be returned in like-new condition up to 60 days from the delivery date for a full refund or exchange. Customer is responsible for return shipping in no-fault returns; Paleo Panthera pays return shipping in case of a defective item. First run shirts may also be returned in unworn/unwashed salable condition. Most commercial merch can be returned or exchanged as well within 60 days.

Clearance items, previously worn or washed shirts, misprints, miscasts, and custom work cannot be returned.