Cords and Chains

Cords and Chains


Rolo chains have been discontinued until I can find a reliable supplier or alternate style of chain.
We currently have in stock: stainless steel curb chain, black leather cord, brown leather cord, and black cotton cord all in 2mm thicknesses. When you add the chain or cord to your cart a window will pop up for you to enter what length you need.

Chains and cords are available 12-30" (30-76cm); add one or several to your pendant order or just nab an extra chain to keep as a spare.
Tips for sizing:

  • If you have a chain you already like the length of measure that.

  • Take a measuring tape and start it where you want the pendant to sit. Then go up, around your neck, and then back to where you want the pendant to sit; the larger number next to where you want the pendant to hang is your chain/cord measurement.

  • Take a shoe string, piece of yarn, small rope, or even a dog leash and do the same process as above. Hold the string where you stopped, take it off your neck, and measure the string with a ruler. This is your chain/cord measurement.

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